In this area is possible to submit to our techinal staff some informations about a yuor specific bonding problem.
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For a better analysis of you case is necessary to know the parameters about your specific bonding process. Please complete the form below and write a short description of the case

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Metal Support
The Customer buys it
The Customer self produce it
The Customer sand blast it
The customer control the sandblasted shoes final roughness

How many time passes (HOURS) between sandblasting and adhesive coating

Trademark actually in use
Monthly consuption in KG
Shelf life


Adhesives viscosity and solid content is verified in customer's lab
Average price/KG paid
Possible to have a copy of the TDS and MSDS
Is dried
How is verified the good final drying
Performing process
The customer does a preformed brique
The customer puts the friction material powdder in the mould
What is the thickness ratio between the briquet and the final friction

What is the performing pressure in KG/SQCM

Moulding process
The customer use the following process

In hot positive case, the MAX pressure in KG/SQCM is

Exists one or more degasing period

Moulding time (IN MINUTES) is

Post curing (or stabization)
The moulded pads are post cured
With diagonal graph
With steps graph
With direct graph
The post cure process has done
The time/temperature ratio is controlled
The peak temperature is
Final control after moulding
The good adhesion is verified
This verification has done
With how kind of equipment shear test has done
The first shear test has done after
The evaluation of % of the residual material on the support after shear test has done
What is the minimum quantity (%) of residual material requested